Need to discipline an employee for misconduct? You must follow a fair process, and have a good reason.

It’s easy to get the process wrong when you need to discipline an employee.  The danger in not getting it right is that your employee could raise a personal grievance if you get it wrong.

The purpose of performance management is to help the employee be successful. Drawing boundaries for appropriate behavior on the job is important.

Things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes it becomes necessary to address issues of poor performance/misconduct by staff members to get your staff performance back on track. 

When the process is carried out incorrectly,  you end up exposing yourself to a greater risk of the employee raising a personal grievance against you. Commonly raised as a unjust disadvantage and an unjustified dismissal.

We can also provide representation to help you deal with issues of misconduct by staff.

The best way to deal with Performance and Disciplinary Issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place by having well-worded Employment Agreement documentation and appropriate policies in place.  Dealing with these issues as soon as they arise is also crucial to prevent workplace issues.

Employees:  Click here for a video explanation of how to deal with a disciplinary meeting.

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